Embattled DA Fani Willis Fired Employee Who Blew Whistle

Fani Willis, the embattled district attorney overseeing the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump and 18 others, is facing additional accusations that she abused her position.

In 2021, when Willis had been serving as the district attorney of Fulton County for less than one year, she had a meeting with Amanda Timpson, who worked in the DA’s office in the juvenile offender division.

The conversation between the two was recorded, and the Washington Free Beacon reviewed those tapes recently. On the tapes, Timpson can be heard telling Willis that she was demoted from her position after she tried to stop one of the top aides to Willis’ campaign from misappropriating grant money the office had received from the federal government for preventing youth from joining gangs.

The aide in question, Michael Cuffee, had plans to use a portion of the grant for travel, computers and other “swag,” according to Timpson.

Willis can be heard on the recording telling Timpson that she “respects” her assessment of the situation, and even admits that she wasn’t denying that the assessment was wrong.

The DA even apologized at one point, saying that Cuffee “failed” in his role in the administration.

But, less than two months after that conversation, Timpson was fired abruptly by Willis. Timpson even said she was escorted out of the DA’s office by seven investigators who were armed.

Timpson went on to file a whistleblower complaint regarding the matter in 2022, and Wills’ response was contradictory to what was heard on the recording.

A statement issued by the DA’s office after Timpson’s complaint was filed said she was a “holdover from the prior administration” and was fired due to her “failure to meet the standards of the new administration.”

This allegation against Willis isn’t the first one concerning the potential abuse of her power.

The Georgia state Senate is investigating alleged misconduct by Willis, and she was subpoenaed to testify about a potential improper romantic relationship she had with one of the special prosecutors she brought onto the case against Trump.

Those allegations were first brought to light by Mike Roman, one of the co-defendants in the election subversion case.

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