Kemp Rejects Calls For Legislative Investigation Of DA Willis

Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, Georgia, has faced mounting criticism in recent weeks over her decision to indict a total of 19 individuals — including former President Donald Trump and several of his former attorneys — on charges related to the 2020 presidential election.

Trump, along with key allies in Congress and the media, have described the case as a politically motivated effort to stymie his campaign for a second term in the White House.

The prosecutor’s motives came under particularly harsh scrutiny when she proposed March 4 — the day before the influential multi-state Super Tuesday primary elections — as the date Trump’s trial will start.

For his part, Republican state Sen. Colton Moore called for a legislative investigation into Willis that could potentially result in her removal from office.

In a statement last month, he announced his official petition for an emergency session, adding: “America is under attack. I’m not going to sit back and watch as radical left prosecutors weaponize their elected offices to politically target their opponents.”

With a subsequent statement on the matter, however, it appears that GOP Gov. Brian Kemp has thrown cold water on the proposal.

He asserted that initiating a special legislative session to investigate the district attorney would “ignore current Georgia law and directly interfere with the proceedings of a separate but equal branch of government.”

Kemp further claimed that he had “not seen any evidence” thus far that would “warrant action by the prosecuting attorney oversight commission.”

Despite the governor’s party affiliation, he has frequently butted heads with fellow Republicans — particularly Trump — over his perceived inaction in response to claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election. The former president endorsed Kemp’s Republican rival, former Sen. David Perdue, in last year’s race, but the incumbent ultimately won re-election.

Even before Kemp confirmed that there would be no special session, Trump lashed out at him in a Truth Social post that also impugned Willis’ record.

“Governor Kemp of Georgia is fighting hard against the impeachment of the crooked, incompetent & highly partisan D.A. of Fulton County, Fani Willis, who has allowed murder and other violent crime to MASSIVELY ESCALATE,” Trump wrote. “Crime in Atlanta is WORST IN NATION. She should be impeached for many reasons, not just the Witch Hunt (I did nothing wrong!)”