NY Man Faces New Charges After Shooting Alleged Robber

New York City served as the backdrop for widespread protests following the death of homeless subway rider Jordan Neely. The Marine veteran accused of causing his death by putting him a chokehold is facing a criminal charge of second-degree manslaughter.

A large number of Americans have come to Daniel Penny’s defense after witnesses asserted that Neely — who had a long rap sheet including multiple unprovoked violent attacks — had been acting erratically and was threatening fellow passengers. The public debate has centered around whether Penny’s actions were justified as a form of self-defense.

More recently, a similar debate arose in the same city after Charles Foehner was reportedly confronted by Cody Gonzalezas he walked in Queens early Wednesday morning.

Gonzalez also had a lengthy criminal record and Foehner claimed the man was wielding what he believed to be a knife and attempted to rob him. When Gonzalez allegedly lunged at Foehner, the armed individual opened fire and fatally shot the 32-year-old.

A subsequent investigation determined that Gonzalez had only been holding a pen and authorities filed charges of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm after Foehner surrendered to police the following day.

Days later, two dozen new gun-related charges were added and Foehner’s original bail amount — $25,000 — was doubled. The additional counts reportedly stemmed from a search of his home that uncovered a trove of additional guns.

According to Assistant District Attorney Joseph Randazzo, investigators found “approximately 26 firearms, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, an AK-47, two body armor vests, and multiple rounds of ammunition.”

Records indicate Foehner only had a license for five of his rifles. Nevertheless, he defended his decision to carry the handgun reportedly used in last week’s shooting.

“Last night I was carrying a firearm because of the way the city has been for the last three years,” he told authorities, according to police reports. “I read the crime stats and I see so much crime. I had the pistol. I obtained it in a bar one night.”

As of the latest updates available, he had still not been directly charged in connection with Gonzalez’s death. He was ordered to appear in court again this week.