NYC Illegals Will Receive Pre-Paid Cards In New Program

As if illegal immigrants were not already privileged in New York City, they are about to receive even more benefits, thanks to Democratic Mayor Eric Adams. His administration will be rolling out pre-paid cards for illegals to use to buy food.

The Immediate Response Card program, run by the New Jersey company Mobility Capital Finance, will hand out money to illegals arriving at the Roosevelt Hotel to cover the cost of food and will replace the current food program.

The New York Post reported that the program will start with 500 illegal immigrant families with short-term hotel stays. They will receive a pre-paid card that can only be used at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores. The cards will be reloaded every 28 days.

The illegals would have to sign an affidavit stating they would only spend the funds on food and baby supplies. If they break the agreement, they will be terminated from the program.

Wole Coaxum, the CEO of Mobility Capital Finance, stated that the $53 million program was designed to help illegal immigrants and the city’s economy.

“MoCaFi looks forward to partnering with New York City to disburse funds for asylum seekers to purchase fresh, hot food,” Coaxum said. “MoCaFi’s goal is to expand access to financial resources for individuals excluded from banking, such as asylum seekers, while helping the local economy.”

The program’s layout will mimic the state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides food funding for low-income individuals and families.

If successful, the program will be extended to the remaining families staying in hotels, which is estimated at 15,000. Kayla Mamelak, a spokeswoman for Adams, stated that the new program would save the city millions of dollars.

“Not only will this provide families with the ability to purchase fresh food for their culturally relevant diets and the baby supplies of their choosing, but the pilot program is expected to save New York City more than $600,000 per month, or more than $7.2 million annually,” said Mamelak.
The program details come a month after it was discovered that DocGo, the company supplying food to illegals staying in hotels, was tossing out thousands of dollars worth of uneaten food a day.

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