She-Wolf Feminist Shakira Growls At ‘Barbie’ Movie

During an interview with Allure, singing icon Shakira admitted her sons, “absolutely hated” the woke version of the “Barbie” movie.

In January 2023, Shakira released “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53″ in which she sings, “A she-wolf like me ain’t for dudes like you / I’ve outgrown you and that’s why you’re with a girl just like you.” She may as well have been alluding to the “Barbie” film.

Now the singer is being urged to stand her ground in the face of Barbie backlash, according to Townhall.

“They felt that it was emasculating. And I agree, to a certain extent,” Shakira said about her sons’ reaction to the film.

“I’m raising two boys. I want them to feel powerful too [while] respecting women,” she continued. “I like pop culture when it attempts to empower women without robbing men of their possibility to be men, to also protect and provide.”

Shakira is the mother of 11-year-old Milan and 9-year-old Sasha, and she realizes men and women each play a crucial role in society.

Men and women “complement each other, and that complement should not be lost,” she added.

Allure’s Patricia Alfonso Tortolani asked Shakira, “Just because a woman can do it all doesn’t mean she should?”

“Why not share the load with people who deserve to carry it, who have a duty to carry it as well?” Shakira replied.

The singer’s comments about the woke version of Barbie received the expected backlash from the brainwashed victims of leftist ideology. On the other hand, many found her remarks refreshing in a crazy era when men think they are women and women identify as men.

Conservative commentator Robby Starbuck said, “Shakira nailed the Barbie movie. She’ll probably now face pressure to apologize for this but she shouldn’t. Civilizations die when you emasculate men.”

Co-host of “FOX & Friends Weekend,” Rachel Campos-Duffy agreed with Starbuck when she commented that Shakira’s take on the woke “Barbie” movie, “comes very natural to Hispanic women.”

“We are a culture of confident, hard-working women who fully embrace their femininity and maternal role (largest percentage of stay-at-home moms) while loving men and desiring for them to flourish within their masculinity and provide for their families,” Campos-Duffy observed.

“The sexes were designed by God to be complimentary,” she concluded.

Another well-known conservative commentator, Piers Morgan, said, “Hurrah for Shakira — finally, a high-profile woman prepared to stand up for men being men.”

Bestselling author Nicole Saphier, MD, said, “Shakira said aloud what most boy moms are thinking.”

Leftist ideologies may dominate Hollywood filmmaking and mainstream media, but the canned message they have engineered to undermine Western civilization will continue to be rejected and resisted just as 300 Spartans stood against thousands of Persians to secure their freedom centuries ago.

American conservatives have much better odds than the Spartans did. And the Spartans won.

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