Son Of Original ‘Snow White’ Director Blasts Woke Remake

Disney’s plunge into entertainment irrelevancy continues to gather speed as more is revealed about the much-anticipated live action remake of “Snow White.” It is quite obviously another woke offering from the once-respected company.

The Academy Award-winning 1937 adaptation of the 1812 Brothers Grimm tale was directed by the late David Hand. His son, also named David Hand, told the Telegraph recently that his father and Walt Disney would be aghast at the woke production set to be released next year.

The younger Hand said the two would “be turning in their graves.”

The entertainment giant has seen an estimated $900 million in revenue evaporate with a series of woke box office failures. Now it is set to foist a new adaptation on a classic favorite that also strays far from its ideological roots.

The Hispanic lead actress will be followed by seven average-sized men and women of all ethnicities. Further, she is doing her best to trash the original and praise the update as a vast improvement.

The star, 22-year-old Rachel Zegler, is busy enraging longtime Disney fans by lashing out at the classic her new film is theoretically based upon. She bent over backwards to separate the live-action production from its acclaimed predecessor.

Zegler in several interviews emphasized that the reimagined “Snow White” will definitely not be a love story. Instead, it will focus on the lead character’s determination to be a powerful leader.

Proclaiming that “it’s no longer 1937,” Zegler went as far as to label the Prince a “stalker.”

In the interview video clip, the actress twisted her face before exclaiming, “Weird! Weird!”

The embattled star added that Snow White “will not be saved by the Prince and she’s not going to be dreaming about true love.” Instead, the now-feminist iconic lead will be fantasizing “about becoming the leader she knows she can be.”

The internet has not been kind to Zegler, who presumably wants her film to succeed but has an unusual way of expressing it. One TikTok user railed against the new age feminism expressed by the star.

They posted, “It is not anti-feminist to want to fall in love, to want to get married, to want to stay at home, to want to be a homemaker. None of these things make you less valuable as a person or a woman.”