Trump Announces Plan To Combat Radical Gender Ideology

Former President Donald Trump revealed his agenda to counter radical gender ideology in the nation’s schools and prohibit so-called “gender-affirming” care on minors.

In a video posted on Trump’s Truth Social platform, the 2024 presidential candidate vowed to “stop the chemical, physical and emotional mutilation of our youth” and to stand against “left-wing gender insanity.”

The Republican’s announcement is another strong sign that potential GOP candidates for the White House view education as a winning issue. In particular, they believe voters oppose the left’s attempts at political indoctrination being inserted into school curriculums.

The pledge followed a pair of Republican governors, Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin, taking action on educational matters. Both are seen as potential challengers to Trump for the 2024 GOP nod.

Attempting to take the lead on the subject, Trump endorsed removing federal funding for any educational institution that promotes “critical race theory, gender ideology, or other inappropriate racial…or political content onto our children.”

The former president proposed an executive order to ban federal agencies from encouraging gender transition at any age. Trump said he will ask Congress to bar federal funds from promoting or paying for these gender-related procedures.

Further, he would advocate legislation affirming the existence of only two genders — male and female.

He pledged to use Title IX to block biological males from participating in women’s sports and would stop children from being assisted in assuming a new gender identity without their parents’ knowledge.

Hospitals that performed gender transition procedures or chemical treatments on minors would no longer qualify for Medicaid and Medicare. And Trump would support the right of detransitioners to sue doctors who performed the procedures on them as minors.

The former president declared that “no serious country” instructs its children that they were born in the wrong gender. He said it is a construct invented recently by the radical left, and “under my leadership this madness will end.”

Trump along with the potential Republican presidential contenders are right in their beliefs that the American public is sensitive to this issue. Most people draw ideological lines at their children, and prohibiting schools from promoting gender ideology is doubtlessly a winning strategy.

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