When Pressed About Hunter Biden, Democrat Promises Report On Trump

After being questioned over concerns about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, a top Democrat responded that he plans to release a report about former President Donald Trump’s foreign business dealings.

As evidence continues to surface that the Biden family profited from foreign business schemes that amounted to influence-peddling, Democrats have grown desperate to shift the conversation or dismiss the allegations. In their latest attempt to do so, one top Democrat has decided to release a report about Trump supposedly profiting from foreign business deals while serving as president.

During an appearance on the Sunday broadcast of ABC’s “This Week,” House Oversight Committee ranking member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) discussed his plans to release the report on Trump.

“We’re going to release a report about all of the foreign government emoluments,” the Democrat congressman said. “Millions of dollars we can document that Donald Trump pocketed from the hotels, at the golf courses, through business deals when he was president and that his family got.”

Raskin was repeatedly questioned during the interview about Hunter Biden, and he eventually admitted that he was “concerned” about the president’s son’s foreign business dealings — though he insisted that congressional investigators have not shown any criminal corruption on the part of President Joe Biden.

“What they’ve got is Hunter Biden,” the Democrat congressman said. “And we’ve all seen clear that this guy was addicted to drugs and did a lot of really unlawful and wrong things. And we have said, let the justice system run its course.”

Of course, Raskin and other Democrats ignore the fact that Trump’s money came from legitimate business ventures that existed long before he entered political office — ventures that he separated himself from upon taking office. Obviously, the money still went to his family members and businesses affiliated with Trump while he was in office — as it isn’t completely possible to entirely separate himself from companies that he planned to regain control of after leaving office.

Meanwhile, the Biden family business does not appear to have any legitimate business ventures attached to it. While Trump owned hotels and golf courses, as Raskin pointed out, Hunter Biden and several other Biden family members received large payments from foreign entities for vague “services.”

Several conservatives blasted Raskin on X, formerly known as Twitter, for his claims — including former Trump administration advisor Stephen Miller.

“Of all of the risible, execrable lies surely the most ludicrous is that President Trump *profited* from the presidency. The presidency cost him billions and now they want it to cost him his freedom,” tweeted Miller, who also founded conservative legal firm America First Legal.

“Biden made a fortune being in office. Trump gave up a fortune being in office,” Miller added. “Biden profited from the White House. The American People profited from Trump in the White House. Biden sacrificed the country for himself. Trump sacrificed himself for the country.”

Article III Project founder Mike Davis, who also previously served as chief counsel for nominations to then-Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA), argued that people should “welcome” the discussion.

“1. The Trump family made its fortune building an international real-estate empire — long before Trump went to the Trump White House,” Davis tweeted. “2. The Biden family made its fortune building an international-corruption empire — when Biden went to the Obama White House.”