Whistleblower: FBI Threatened Agents Who Questioned Jan. 6 Probes

An FBI whistleblower charged that Deputy Director Paul Abbate threatened agents and other employees with termination. Why? They had the audacity to suggest disparities between the federal response to the Jan. 6 protests and the ones that started over George Floyd’s death in 2020.

The anonymous FBI employee told Congress through an affidavit that Abbate engaged in threats during a video teleconference. He addressed special agents in charge of the agency’s field offices.

The deputy director expressed his concern that some agents had the gall to question the heavy-handed response to the pro-Trump gathering.

The affidavit alleged that Abbate told the captive audience that whoever questioned his actions or the FBI response to Jan. 6 did not belong in the bureau.

He added that they should “find a different job — or something to that effect.” Textbook retaliation.

The teleconference in FBI terms was a “Director SVTC.” The whistleblower recalled witnessing hundreds of such events. Never had they encountered a “direct threat” of that nature, and it was described as “chilling and personal.”

Meanwhile, the FBI rushed to Abbate’s defense.

In a statement to the Washington Times, the bureau noted his 27-year career and support of employees.

The agency further claimed that “employees are free to take any concerns they have to FBI leaders, including the Deputy Director. Any suggestion Deputy Abbate threatened employees who disagreed about the handling of January 6 cases is categorically false.”

That proclamation, however, runs directly counter to Leavitt’s assertion that Abbate carried out his threats. Agents who reportedly lost their jobs also corroborate this claim.