Arrogant NYT Columnist Wants To Eliminate Small Political Donors

The arrogance of the left knows no bounds, and now they are saying the quiet parts out loud. A New York Times columnist had the gall to blast average Americans who make small dollar donations to the candidate of their choice as a “big problem.”

Thomas Edsall wastes much ink proclaiming his hatred for former President Donald Trump. Now that hatred extends to ordinary, grassroots Americans who use the dollars they have left in Biden’s inflationary economy to support their candidate.

This, of course, is a threat to democracy and must be eradicated.

Edsall’s Aug. 30 piece, titled “Small Donors Are a Big Problem,” lamented that these average voters approach politics with “far more ideologically extreme views” than others.

Despite this, he noted that campaign finance reformers have long sought to shift the emphasis to grassroots donors. The example he raced to, of course, was Trump. He called it a case of an “extremist” campaign appealing to small donors.

Perhaps the elitism of his column registered with a colleague who pointed it out to Edsall. Later he changed the title to, “For $200, a Person Can Fuel the Decline of Our Major Parties.”

It is almost certain that the surge in fundraising for Trump following his latest indictment and accompanying mugshot was the spark for Edsall’s column.

How powerful is Trump’s populist appeal to small donors? The former president ended June with nearly 400,000 unique, online contributors since the start of his campaign. The effects of multiple Democratic indictments cannot be overstated.

For example, Trump garnered over 115,000 new, online donors in the week after the New York indictment. Another 29,000 contributed for the first time after he was indicted in Miami.

Of course, the Georgia indictment and having his mugshot taken was supposed to humble the former president and derail his campaign for the White House. So, how has that worked out?

The Trump campaign took in over $7.1 million since that ill-advised photo. In the past three weeks alone, as Democratic prosecutors sought to drive him out of the presidential race, donations have shot up a whopping $20 million.

And it’s small donors leading the charge.

The New York Times showed its true colors in disparaging average Americans who support their chosen candidate. In yesteryear, the liberal rag railed against large corporate donors. However, much of that woke funding now falls into Democratic coffers so it’s acceptable.

For leftists, it’s the little guy who needs to shut up and go away.

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