Biden Appears To Nod Off During Wildfire Memorial

President Joe Biden clearly possesses a profound and enduring sense of empathy for the people he governs, especially for those he’s deemed as “deplorables,” and the recent victims of the tragic Maui wildfires.

While serving as president-elect, he stood alongside his wife, Jill Biden, and the once-amusing comedian-turned-news-anchor, Stephen Colbert where they together pledged to restore empathy to the White House. Forbes, in 2020, showcased Biden and his alleged empathy:

“Empathy involves the ability to emotionally connect with another’s experiences, offering compassion for their trials. As our nation grapples with the dual challenges of COVID-19 and systemic racism, which have precipitated economic turmoil, individuals in need — indeed, people in general — desire assurance that someone genuinely cares.”

Biden’s empathy is inherent to his nature. He acts on his empathy out of a sense of duty. This dichotomy between being and doing underscores a lesson in leadership. Here are several insights into how he manifests empathy through his actions.

He and the liberal media cleverly, yet insincerely, portrayed former President Donald Trump as self-centered and narcissistic. And don’t forget the time back in 2020 when Biden told Black Americans: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Furthermore, some might say that it’s very self-centered and unkind to doze off at a memorial event and decline to express any kind of condolences for its victims.

While addressing survivors in Maui, he drew an analogy between the escalating count of casualties and a minor kitchen fire that occurred at one of his residences several years ago: “We have a little sense — Jill and I — of what it’s like to lose a home. I almost lost my wife, my ‘67 Corvette, and my cat.”

Adding insult to injury, the woman to the left of the “empathetic” Biden was sobbing, her tears evident, as The President slumped forward, seemingly seeking a moment of respite after cutting his vacation short to address the growing political unrest in Hawaii.

In light of these concerns, it is crucial for Democrats to reconsider the prospect of reelecting Biden, given the apparent absence of a strong moral compass and empathy for his nation’s citizens.