Warnings Begin Of Possible Return To Mask Mandates And Vaccine Requirements

Concerns are escalating as advocates of stringent COVID protocols, often referred to as “COVID scolds,” rekindle their push for widespread masking and other measures. The resurgence of these efforts has stirred discussions about the potential return of COVID mandates as the 2024 election cycle looms on the horizon.

This comes almost a year after President Biden’s declaration that the COVID pandemic was under control, a sentiment that is now being met with skepticism fueled by emerging reports. Illustrating this shift, Hollywood studio Lionsgate recently announced the reinstatement of a COVID mask mandate for its workforce.

Journalist Collin Rugg took to Twitter to reveal that Morris Brown College in Atlanta is also revisiting its COVID mask requirements for both staff and students. Rugg’s tweet read:

“NEW: As early signs hint at what’s to come, COVID-19 mandates are resurfacing just in time for the 2024 election cycle. What impeccable timing! Following the alleged report of an impending October resurgence, Lionsgate, a prominent Hollywood studio, confirms the reinstatement of mask mandates.”

According to response manager Sommer McElroy, Lionsgate employees are now obliged to don medical-grade face coverings — such as surgical masks or N95s — while indoors, except when in solitary offices, actively consuming food or drink at their workstations, or as the sole occupant of open workspaces.

Similarly, Morris Brown College’s fresh mandate necessitates that all students and staff wear face masks. The Biden administration is also intensifying its COVID rhetoric, with a White House official declaring, “We will be encouraging all Americans to get those boosters in addition to flu shots and Respiratory Syncytial Virus shots.”

Legal challenges and lawsuits have besieged the federal government’s COVID policies, reflecting a waning tolerance for their reinstatement. Even prominent liberal commentator Bill Maher, has lambasted the left’s response to COVID.
Growing reports indicate an uptick in COVID cases, which gives the liberal media the opportunity to sow panic, and push for the reinstatement of the mask mandates and lockdowns.
The CDC appears to be aligning with this narrative, which was evident in recent photos of masked CDC employees during a meeting, when just days prior images were taken showing them unmasked.

The current media trajectory, coupled with the messaging from liberal pundits, suggests a concerted effort to revive mandates similar to those enforced during the peak of the COVID crisis in 2020 and 2021.

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