CBS Reporter Calls Out Goldman Over ‘Illusion Of Access’ Claim

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) has been called out by a CBS reporter for pushing the claim that Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner Devon Archer only testified that Hunter sought to give the “illusion of access” to his father, President Joe Biden.

Archer gave closed-door testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Monday, where he told the committee details about Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business schemes — including that Joe was on speakerphone with Hunter’s business associates at least 20 times, and was present at multiple business dinners.

Goldman, who was reportedly the only Democrat lawmaker present during the testimony, then went on a media tour after the hearing where he attempted to discredit reports from Republican lawmakers about Archer’s comments. Alongside his claims that it would have been rude for Joe Biden not to have said “Hello” to his son’s business associates, Goldman also claimed that Archer only testified that Hunter sought to give the “illusion of access” to his father.

This prompted multiple mainstream media outlets to publish articles parroting that phrase.

CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge is now calling out Goldman for his version of events after the lightly-redacted transcript of Archer’s testimony was released on Thursday.

“In fact, when you look at the transcript, what you see is that phrase ‘illusion of access’ is in Dan Goldman’s question — it’s actually NOT what Devon Archer testified to,” Herridge said during a Thursday broadcast.

The transcript reflects this, as Goldman is actually the one who uses the phrase “illusion of access” — not Archer. Instead, Archer testified that the characterization was “almost fair.”

“So is it fair to say that Hunter Biden was selling the illusion of access to his father?” the Democrat congressman asked during the hearing.

“Yes,” Archer replied, according to the transcript.

“So when you talk about selling the brand, it’s not about selling access to his father. It’s about selling the illusion of access to his father. Is that fair?” Goldman pressed.

“Is that fair?” Archer replied. “I mean, yeah, that is — I think that’s — almost fair.”

“Almost fair?” Goldman asked. “Why almost fair?”

“Because there — there is — there are touch points and contact points that I can’t deny that happened, but nothing of material was discussed. But I can’t go on record saying that there was — there was communications,” Archer responded, the transcript shows.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) has also blasted Goldman for his mischaracterization of Archer’s testimony — calling him “the new Adam Schiff,” in reference to the California congressman who infamously used his position on the House Intelligence Committee to lie to the American people about personally seeing evidence that former President Donald Trump had colluded with Russia.

Donalds made the comment in an interview with Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, adding: “He is the leading defense attorney in Congress for the Biden family. He’s going to spin and do whatever he needs to do.”

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