Dean Phillips Loud And Clear About Biden’s Incoherence

Democrat presidential contender Dean Phillips communicated a scathing message about Joe Biden’s incoherence on X.

“I’m attacked for being honest and saying the quiet part out loud—the part DC insiders only do in private,” Phillips wrote.

“I admire our President,” he continued. “I voted for him and campaigned for him. He has visited my home and been gracious to my family and our country.”

“But shame on all of you pretending everything is ok,” Phillips scolded.

The post came with two clips of Biden in recent displays of incoherence.

In one of the clips, Biden claims he spoke at the 2021 G7 summit to French President Francois Mitterand, who died back in 1996.

The other clip showed Biden speaking at the White House as he struggled mightily to spit out there hadn’t been an answer from Hamas on a deal with Israel. Biden called Hamas “the opposition” and was led out of the fog by a reporter.

Phillips’ post had over 4 million views at the time this was written.

Media Research Center’s Tim Graham was quick to point out that this is the type of message the pro-Biden media can’t stand.

“The Democrat message the pro-Biden media can’t handle,” Graham posted in response to Phillips.

Biden’s incoherence isn’t anything new. In 2021, for example, the RNC put out a video montage titled, “Joe Biden’s Incoherent Town Hall In Just 34 Seconds.”

The Economic Times posted another compilation of Biden’s “senior moments” that highlighted him getting lost on stage, speaking nonsense and struggling to know what century is.

It would be funny in a sad way—witnessing an old man’s mind go to mush is sad—if it weren’t so dangerous.

Phillips is right. Establishment progressives who pretend Biden’s mind isn’t severely compromised should be ashamed of themselves.

Progressives will hang on to power by any means possible, even if it means destroying what’s left of Biden’s human dignity—and there’s not much left.

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