NYC Migrant Crime Spree Steals 62 Women’s Phones

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) rounded up the first three and then seven illegal immigrants from Venezuela this week for allegedly swiping phones and wallets from 62 women, a string of grand theft on the streets of New York Cities in recent days.

According to a report by One American New Network, NYPD detained three migrants connected to the phone attacks in the Bronx on Monday. CBS News reported authorities arrested seven Venezuelan illegal immigrants for stealing the phones.

“Most migrants come to NYC in search of a better life. Sadly, some come to commit crime,” NYPD Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “Today we made tremendous progress in the largest robbery pattern plaguing our city. Our message is simple — commit a crime in our city and we will find you and bring you to justice!”

“This isn’t about the migrants and asylum seekers, this is about those who break the law. It doesn’t matter where you’re from and where you came from,” Mayor Eric Adams (D) said in a statement about the New York City crime wave.

“These small number of people are breaking the law and are having a huge impact on our public safety, and that is why we zeroed in on them,” Adams said. “We’re not going to sit idly by while people choose to prey on their fellow New Yorkers.”

NYPD Deputy Commissioner Tarik Sheppard said: “This administration, police department, we’ve always talked about welcoming asylum seekers. But once you start robbing people and stealing from them, your status is criminal, and you’ll be treated as such.”

The ringleaders of the robbery spree that has victimized 62 women use technology to organize. “They use social media platforms to organize and coordinate their thefts. This is how they operate. The leader of the crew identified as Victor Parra will blast out a message via WhatsApp that he’s looking for phones,” Chief of Detectives Joe Kenny said.

A report by the New York Post refers to the string of attacks as “62 different instances of grand larceny throughout the Big Apple.” According to the report, police are still looking for the main ringleader.

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