Gingrich Professes Debates Are Useless, Trump Is Clear Pick

Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was frank on The Ingraham Angle this Thursday when he declared the voters have spoken and GOP debates should be cut short.

Fans of challengers like Florida Gov. Ron Desantis (R) and Business Executive Vivek Ramaswamy (R) continue to cling to hope that their candidates stand a chance. But big donors are growing concerned in the aftermath of Wednesday night’s debate that no one gracing the current debate stage will be enough to rival President Donald Trump.

Gingrich wasn’t shy about how he feels. From his point of view, the debating is done and the GOP candidate is Trump. He also suggested the Republican National Committee should cancel future debates — a sentiment many conservatives may be on board with. Gingrich is far from the only person talking about the debate as though the contest is dead in the water.

When asked what big donors are thinking as they try to put Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) up for the presidential candidacy at the eleventh hour, Gingrich responded, “I suspect the money is there, but the votes aren’t.”

Gingrich believes Youngkin could be a great addition to the ballot in 2028, but this isn’t his time. He relayed what pollster Matt Towery told him this week, which was that the debate was a clear sign the race is over and Trump will be the nominee. He agreed.

Gingrich was sure to point out that he likes Youngkin, and he thought many of the candidates from Wednesday’s debate are smart people, but the point is they’re wasting their time. He gave DeSantis a nod as a governor and noted he thinks he would be the frontrunner if circumstances were different.

In other words, Americans are not backing down from supporting Trump no matter who joins the ticket. Gingrich said it best: “Trump is not really a candidate. He is the leader of a national movement, and that’s a totally different psychological and emotional relationship than candidacy.”

He was quick to point out Trump isn’t the only target of Biden’s campaign, mentioning both Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the No Labels have been targets of their efforts to silence their competition, too.

The polls and the pulse of the nation seem to be in agreement with Gingrich, who made it clear that either Trump or Biden would become president again — and the latter would spell “disaster for the country.”

President Donald Trump also appears to agree with Gingrich. Following his trip to Clinton Township, Michigan where he met with autoworkers, Trump told the Daily Caller, “They have to stop the debates…There is not going to be a breakout candidate.”

Gingrich hinted at the irony of the liberal trepidation over Trump becoming the nominee. As the left comes for Trump through every avenue possible, they also appear to reinforce the anger and injustice Americans have felt over the last election and the state of our nation since Biden took office.

Per the Washington Post, Trump is leading Biden by 10 points. Among his GOP challengers, second-in-place DeSantis is trailing behind Trump by 43 points.

Gingrich noted people needed to ask themselves one important question: “Do you want to see Joe Biden re-elected, or do you want to help Donald Trump? There’s no middle ground here.”