Joe Rogan Condemns Biden Bribe Scandal

Podcaster and commentator Joe Rogan recently expressed deep concerns over corruption and strong media bias in the United States. In a candid conversation, Rogan addressed the treatment of former President Trump and the alleged weaponization of the Department of Justice (DOJ) under the Biden administration.

His remarks shed light on a “two-tiered system of justice” and the media’s left-leaning bias. Rogan drew attention to the criminal business dealings involving the Biden family in Ukraine.

Citing a recently surfaced FBI document, known as the 1023 report, Rogan highlighted the claim that the Biden family received a substantial $5 million, which some representatives assert was a bribe. Frustrated by the lack of transparency, Rogan exclaimed, “All the f*cking stuff with his son and ties to Ukraine and China and the money.

They get paid millions, and everyone’s trying to obscure it. If that guy was a Republican, they would be up his a** with a microscope.” The podcaster went on to criticize the Democrats’ strong desire to remove Trump from office in 2020, resulting in what he perceives as the election of a “corrupt career politician.”

Rogan further discussed the FBI’s involvement in suppressing information about Hunter Biden’s laptop, claiming Twitter was coerced into censoring related content. “It’s wild stuff, man! They even got the FBI involved in telling Twitter to censor the information about the laptop,” Rogan exclaimed.

He also addressed the issue of media bias, emphasizing the left-leaning tilt of the industry. He argued that the overwhelming left-leaning media often supports left-wing Democratic politicians — ignoring any information that fosters distrust in the government, the current administration, or the Democratic Party.

Rogan’s recent comments regarding corruption, the DOJ, and media bias have sparked intense discourse. With his strong reservations about the treatment of President Trump and concerns over the alleged weaponization of the DOJ, Rogan has indeed shed light on a two-tiered system of justice.

Additionally, his criticism of the business dealings involving the Biden family in Ukraine and the suppression of information by the media and FBI has added fuel to the ongoing speculation about their transparency and accountability to the American people.

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