MAGA PAC Releases Advertisement Slamming Biden Over US Issues

Former President Donald Trump’s political action committee (PAC), Make America Great Again (MAGA) Inc., is reportedly continuing its radio advertisement campaign to try and reach Black voters in key swing states such as Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania, focusing on key issues like illegal immigration and the disastrous economy under President Joe Biden.

In its latest advertisement, “Lecture,” the PAC criticizes Biden for inflation, illegal immigration and supporting biological men competing in women’s sports.

The commercial shows a volunteer for the Biden campaign knocking door-to-door and comes across a voter, who, although he voted for the president in 2020, is complaining “how everything costs more: food, gas, housing! We’re struggling to pay our bills!” The volunteer, caught off guard, replied “Okay.”

“But what about everything he’s done to protect illegal immigrants!” the volunteer added.
The voter then asks, “Protect them? They get handouts, and we pay for all of it, and Biden’s letting Mexican cartels flood our neighborhoods with murderers and drugs!”

In response, the volunteer claims Biden has acted to stop discrimination against so-called “transgender” individuals. While laughing, the voter fires back, saying that not allowing men to compete in women’s sports or use female restrooms “isn’t discrimination” but rather “common sense.”

With no substance to stand on, the volunteer asks the voter if he will vote for Biden once again, to which the voter replies, “Not this time.”

“I’m voting for Donald Trump,” the voter said.

In a statement regarding the advertisement, a spokesman for the MAGA PAC, Alex Pfeiffer, said Biden’s extremist agenda would be rejected by voters in the November 2024 election.

“Joe Biden is paying the rent for illegal immigrants in Michigan, while Americans struggle to afford groceries and gas. Joe Biden’s radical agenda is going to be rejected on November 5 when voters elect Donald Trump and make America great again,” Pfeiffer told Townhall.

The advertisement specifically calls out Biden’s efforts to fund Michigan’s rental subsidy for illegal immigrants, with federal grants financing the subsidies. The program allows an individual to participate in it for up to one year, depending on how many people are in the household.

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