New Evidence Connects Americore To Biden Family Corruption

Joe Biden’s younger brother, James Biden, has come under fresh scrutiny for his business dealings with a now-defunct hospital chain, Americore Health Enterprises. According to a report published Sunday by Politico, the Biden brother allegedly used his family name to secure loans and potentially aid the company in acquiring investments from the Middle East. James Biden reportedly promised his last name could “open doors” in order to leverage financing.

James Biden’s involvement with Americore, a company that promised to revitalize rural hospitals, has been marked by controversy. Politico reported that he received $600,000 from the firm, which later filed for bankruptcy. The company’s collapse has detrimentally impacted rural healthcare.

The narrative deepens with the revelation that President Biden was allegedly present during a business call regarding Americore, suggesting a closer involvement than previously disclosed. This detail mirrors an incident involving Hunter Biden, who claimed his father was present during discussions with a Chinese businessman. These incidents have fueled speculation about the extent of Joe Biden’s knowledge and involvement in his family’s business ventures.

The House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer (R-KY), has taken a keen interest in these transactions, particularly a $200,000 payment from James to Joe Biden, coinciding with a similar amount transferred from Americore to James. This payment has been defended as a loan repayment; however, it raises concerns about the potential use of the Biden name for financial gain.

Critics argue that these dealings represent a conflict of interest, suggesting that the Biden family may have profited from their political stature. This perception is bolstered by James Biden’s alleged attempts to involve his brother in Americore, potentially to enhance the company’s credibility and secure further investments.

Furthermore, the ongoing Justice Department probe into Americore, alleging a conspiracy to defraud Medicare, adds another layer of complexity to the Biden family’s entanglements. While James Biden has not been accused of any criminal activity, the association with a company embroiled in legal challenges is troubling.

The White House has consistently denied wrongdoing, maintaining that the President has never discussed business with his brother or son. Despite these assertions, the unfolding story continues to attract attention, with the House Oversight Committee’s impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden looming.

As James Biden prepares for his deposition, the American public awaits answers.

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