Unregulated ‘Solar Geoengineering’ A Major Concern

The assertion that the earth is undergoing man-made “climate change” is ironically leading to practices that actually could be harmful. A prominent example is the unregulated field of “solar geoengineering.”

Many are turning to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for answers in terms of controls and regulations.

Solar Geoengineering involves blocking the sunlight at the atmospheric level. Many of these proposals entail using aerosols in the upper atmosphere. For example, one method deploys weather balloons to disperse sulfate particles. A company called Make Sunsets even sells “cooling credits” in connection with the release of these balloons.

These experiments are impossible to contain in one location due to the truly global nature of the atmosphere.

While the actual impact of these efforts on “climate” will likely be as non-existent as that of “carbon emissions,” their possible air pollution risks or carcinogenic dangers cannot be as easily shrugged off.

Former Chief Climate Counsel for the Sierra Club David Bookbinder said in a Politico piece: “There’s no governance on the international level, national governance. There’s no state governance. There’s nothing,”

Currently, the only requirement for a company planning to inject weather-altering aerosols into the atmosphere is a one-page form submitted to the Department of Commerce ten days in advance. Bookbinder is among those urging the NOAA to consider action.

Now a libertarian, Bookbinder states that “it’s not the climate change” that is the true danger. Rather, the proposed fanciful science fiction solutions are the real menace. The likes of Bill Gates and George Soros have indeed been funding such pseudo-scientific sun-blocking plans.

African climate expert Dr. Chukwumerije Okereke wrote in the New York Times: “My Continent Is Not Your Giant Climate Laboratory.” He points out that possible dangers of sun-blocking technology include “upsetting local and regional weather patterns — intensifying drought or flooding, for example, or disrupting monsoon cycles.”

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