US No Longer Safe Harbor For Persecuted Christians

The United States, though a majority Christian country since its founding, is hardly welcoming to members of the same faith fleeing persecution from around the world. A new report revealed that in the last five years there has been a dramatic downturn in Christian refugees finding safety in the U.S.

According to humanitarian groups Open Doors and World Relief, the numbers are shocking.

In 2016, 32,248 Christians sought refuge from persecution in the country. That number, however, plunged to just 9,528 in 2022 for a 70% decline. And the total of refugees from nations extremely hostile to Christianity are even worse.

Believers fleeing Myanmar to the U.S. fell from 7,634 in 2016 to only 587 in 2022. Iran’s numbers plummeted from 2,086 to 112. Meanwhile, Eritrea plunged from 1,639 to 252 and Iraq sank from 1,524 to just 93.

These numbers hardly reflect the harsh reality that an estimated 360 million Christians worldwide will encounter “high levels of discrimination and persecution” in 2023, according to the aid groups.

That total increased by a staggering 100 million from just 2020, with most of the surge coming from sub-Saharan Africa.

There are an estimated 13 Christians killed across the globe every single day simply for practicing their faith. These martyrs are joined by attacks on 12 churches or Christian structures on average each day.

Part of the reason behind the dwindling numbers of persecuted Christians admitted into the country is the general decline in refugees allowed. Open Doors and World Relief declared that protection from violence based on beliefs should be extended to all groups.

Writing in their report, the groups said, “As Christians, we believe that all people have the right to religious freedom and that religious minorities of any sort — not just those who share our Christian faith — should be protected.

While hundreds of thousands pour through President Joe Biden’s open borders every month, it is inconceivable that the country is not more welcoming to endangered Christians.

Pressure should be applied to Washington to see that adherents to the faith upon which the nation was founded are offered protection from persecution. As Americans, it is simply the right thing to do.

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