CNN: Biden Lied About Presence At 9/11 Site

It is getting tougher to determine if President Joe Biden’s blatant lies are the result of dementia or an inherent dishonesty. What is certain is that there is a glaring disconnect between the chief executive and the truth.

On Monday, the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S., Biden found himself about as far from New York City as he could be and still remain on the North American continent. Speaking in Alaska, he made a claim that even CNN had to admit was patently false.

Biden told the audience that he stood at the scene of the collapsed World Trade Center on Sept. 12, 2001. Just one day later.

Biden told the audience, “Each of us — each of those precious lives stolen too soon when evil attacked. Ground Zero in New York — I remember standing there the next day, and looking at the building.”

That assertion, made on the return from a trip to Asia, was false.

The corporate media was forced to respond to reports that Biden was in fact not there the day following the disaster. After receiving queries, the White House provided a picture and article showing then Sen. Biden was at the site on Sept. 20, 2001.


A full nine days after the towers fell.

An anonymous White House official then emailed CNN with a statement. “The President first visited the World Trade Center nine days after the September 11 terrorist attacks as part of a bipartisan delegation from the Senate.”

The administration frequently finds itself cleaning up the mess left by the bumbling president. In a single August speech, Biden repeated no less than three lies that were easily verifiable.

The Democrat claimed yet again to have witnessed a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh last year when he visited the site six hours later. Biden told the audience that his grandfather died days before his own birth in the same hospital.

His paternal grandfather died more than a year earlier in another state.

He also recounted — again — the thoroughly debunked tale that he spoke with an Amtrak conductor who was actually dead at the time the imaginary conversation took place.

Biden twice has claimed to have been arrested at a civil rights demonstration. An officer merely gave him a ride home from the protest. He even boasted of being an 18-wheeler driver when it turned out he merely drove a school bus.