Weaponized DOJ Pushed For Witness To Go To Prison

In a sure sign of the current political times, President Joe Biden’s weaponized Department of Justice is again trying to shield their boss. In the most recent instance, they are attempting to divert the testimony before congressional investigators of Hunter Biden’s former business partner.

The DOJ isn’t even hiding its actions anymore.

Just before Devon Archer was scheduled to appear before the House Oversight Committee, the DOJ put out word that he is to be delivered to prison.

Archer was a close business partner of the younger Biden since at least 2009. The two started investment firm Rosemont Seneca together with the assistance of John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz.

Then in 2013, the pair joined efforts with Chinese private equity investor Johnathan Li to form BHR Partners. This Beijing-backed investment firm is backed by the Bank of China among others.

Archer also served alongside Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma, the controversial Ukrainian energy firm.

Archer, however, was convicted of defrauding an Indian tribe in 2018, though that conviction is under appeal. He was given a one-year prison sentence which was upheld by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Justice Department charged that Archer took the tribe and other investment clients for tens of millions through bonds issued by the tribe. The DOJ called his business practices “fraudulent and deceptive.”

Even so, the timing of the DOJ demanding that Archer report to prison just as he was due to give testimony against the first family was beyond suspicious.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) subpoenaed Biden’s former business partner in June as part of the House investigation into the president’s son. Three previous scheduled depositions were canceled by Archer for what were described as personal reasons.

According to multiple reports, the expected testimony is very incriminating of the president.

Archer is believed to be revealing that President BIden sat down with dozens of Hunter’s business associates while he was vice president. If these meetings took place, this flatly disputes the administration’s repeated claims that the president was never “in business” with his son.

The White House also asserted that Biden did not speak to his son or have knowledge of his international dealings that brought in millions from foreign sources.