Crowd Goes Wild When Trump Makes Appearance At UFC 290

On Saturday night, former President Donald Trump made another appearance at a UFC event — receiving a standing ovation from the enthusiastic crowd.

Trump, who entered the arena surrounded by Secret Service agents and other law enforcement officers, was one of many high-profile individuals to attend the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) International Fight Week — though he appeared to receive the most fanfare from the audience.

Broadcasters noted that Trump was “a really good friend” of UFC President Dana White, who entered the arena alongside the former president. The announcers also pointed out that Trump’s appearance at UFC 290 underscored what a major event it was.

Trump was also caught on camera shaking hands with legendary podcaster Joe Rogan, who serves as the lead commentator for the majority of UFC’s domestic pay-per-view events. While Rogan has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t have any desire to have Trump on his podcast, the warm welcome he gave the former president at the UFC event has led to speculation that an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” may be in the works.

Trump also met with political consultant Roger Stone, as well as actor and director Mel Gibson — who has been heavily involved in promoting the highly successful film “Sound of Freedom,” which exposes the reality of child trafficking around the world.

Prior to the UFC event, Trump gave a speech at a rally in Las Vegas, where he blasted President Joe Biden as a “corrupt, incompetent leader.”

“We have a corrupt, incompetent leader in the White House. And I wouldn’t have said this a few weeks ago,” he said, adding that Biden has “taken millions of dollars from other countries like China.”

“He’s totally compromised. In history there has never been a scandal like this,” Trump continued.

He went on to blast the “fake news” mainstream media for covering up Biden’s various scandals, adding that the president has taken “millions and millions of dollars from Ukraine.”

“These are compromised people,” Trump argued.

This was not the first time Trump appeared at a UFC event. In April of this year, the former president attended a UFC event in Miami alongside musician Kid Rock and boxer Mike Tyson — where he also received thunderous applause from the audience.