NYC Mayor Adams Orders ‘Racial Equity’ Training

New York City Mayor Eric Adams mandated critical race theory-inspired training for all city employees, and critics charge that the root of the course is in itself racist.

Fox News Digital reported that all city employees must undergo the mandatory training by March 6. The city said in an email that all workers will receive “a framework to understand…the importance of racial equity…in the workplace.”

Of course, the basis of such training is the highly controversial critical race theory. Under this construct, the U.S. since its founding was and is structurally racist and by design oppressed minority groups to uphold White culture as dominant.

Adherents to CRT believe society may be divided into oppressor and oppressed classes, and these designations are based on so-called “privilege.”

Fox News Digital spoke with a source who protested the discussion of equity as opposing the concept that “we should treat everyone equally.” It is also believed that the city under Mayor Adams wants to approach hiring and municipal contracts through the “racial equity” lens.

Training materials that were reviewed claimed there is no scientific basis for race and that it is merely a system designed “on the arbitrary basis of skin color and other physical features.”

Furthermore, the course stated that “society has used race to establish and justify systems of power, privilege, exclusion and oppression.”

The mandatory training listed two other categories of racism besides that of an individual. Institutional racism, according to the course, is a structure “within public and private institutions” that harms others based on race or ethnicity.”

And systematic racism is woven into American culture, politics, and other aspects of society and “negatively impacts communities of color compared to White communities.”

There are sections of the forced training that call for creating “safe spaces” in workplaces where race may be discussed. Further, NYC employees need to be aware that they may have “unconscious bias” that is harmful to the city’s operations.

Whether this training is packaged as CRT or some other misguided effort at “equity,” it is essentially the same thing. The left is desperate to divide the country into “oppressor” and “oppressed,” and part of that effort is forcing people to be indoctrinated into something most want no part of.

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