Reporter Uncovers SAPD Officers Assisting Illegals For Catholic Charities

When someone thinks of Catholic Charities, the last thing that comes to mind is the police. According to Tenet Media, San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) officers have traded in their oath to protect and serve American citizens for money to turn a blind eye and protect immigrants who broke the law and came into the country illegally.

Tenet reporter Taylor Hansen, filming the officers, uncovered the story on Jan. 13. According to an X post, the officers used SAPD uniforms, weapons and vehicles to ignore the law and patrol the area, checking illegal immigrants’ wristbands as they entered the facility.

“So, you have these two gentlemen up front helping human smugglers as they’re on police force in their official capacity but taking money on a side gig,” Hansen said. “Allowing human smuggling to happen when they should be investigating what is human smuggling into America.”

Eventually, one of the officers gave Hansen a warning, telling him that he needed to get off the property and giving him a trespassing warning.

He also followed a school bus that was transporting illegal immigrants to and from the airport.

The woman in charge of the buses refused to speak with Hansen but allowed the reporter to take a picture of a business card of the person to contact.

Hansen reported that Catholic Charities was among one of the many nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) helping to smuggle illegal immigrants into the country.

Catholic Charities took over the city’s Migrant Resource Center last September, taking charge of daily operations and case management. According to the San Antonio Express, the city handles transportation services, building maintenance and coordination of city-related contracts.

Hansen is not the first journalist to confront SAPD officers about their involvement with Catholic Charities. Joseph Trimmer of the Free Speech podcast spoke to an on-duty officer who confirmed their association with Catholic Charities.

The SAPD did not respond to Hansen’s request for comments.

Other NGOs that have reportedly been helping illegal immigrants into the country are the American Red Cross, Jewish Family Council and Jewish Family Service, to name a few.

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