Trump Demands Biden Dismiss Lloyd Austin

On Sunday, President Donald Trump urged Joe Biden to discharge Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, citing “improper professional conduct.” The demand comes following Austin’s recent undisclosed hospitalization, which has sparked widespread concern and criticism even among the corporate media.

Trump voiced his opinion on his Truth Social account, saying, “Failed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin should be fired immediately.” He criticized Austin for being unaccounted for a week, suggesting negligence on the part of both Austin and Biden. Trump also connected this incident to what he described as Austin’s past failures, referring to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan as “the most embarrassing moment in the history of our Country.”

Austin was reportedly hospitalized on Monday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center due to complications following an elective medical procedure. His absence was kept secret from the public for most of the week, until the matter was leaked. The failure to provide transparency has raised troubling questions about transparency and protocol inside the Defense Department and the Biden administration more broadly.

Former Vice President Mike Pence expressed his concerns about the situation on CNN, calling it a “dereliction of duty.” Similarly, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) criticized the Pentagon for not informing Congress as required by federal law. He correctly pointed out that the failure only serves to further erode the rapidly dissolving trust in the Biden administration’s management of America’s foreign policy and defense initiatives.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) called Austin “a disaster since Day One” and demanded that he be replaced by a top defense officer who will be focused on America’s military readiness rather than a liberal progressive political agenda.

A senior Pentagon official told CNN this week that there were “strict orders to not contact Austin” issued to the military chain of command during his hospitalization. It appears those orders were only intended for those military officials who report directly to Austin, however.

Pentagon press secretary Gen. Pat Ryder told reporters that Austin was hospitalized on Monday for “complications” before later being admitted to the military hospital’s intensive care unit. Reports now indicate that Austin’s admission to intensive care was not disclosed to any official at the White House or the National Security Council until several days later.

Austin has issued a statement in which he acknowledges his role in the failure to update the administration about his condition, committing to “doing better” in the future.

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