DeSantis Sends More Troops To Border, Slams Biden’s Policies

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has escalated his commitment to border security, sending additional Florida Highway Patrol officers and National Guardsmen to assist Texas in addressing the ongoing crisis at the southern border. This initiative continues Florida’s years-long effort to bolster border defenses. This mission has become increasingly urgent amid rising migrant crossings and security concerns.

DeSantis announced on Friday that 76 Highway Patrol officers and 50 National Guardsmen are being deployed immediately. This action expands on previous commitments, which included the deployment of 1,000 Florida National Guard members earlier this month.

During his address, DeSantis discussed the significant increase in migrant encounters since Joe Biden assumed office, especially regarding the alarming presence of Chinese nationals and military-aged males from regions that are actively hostile to the United States.

In further criticizing the Biden administration’s approach to immigration, DeSantis targeted the federal funding of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that he claims are exacerbating the crisis. He argued that NGOs are profiting from the situation at taxpayer expense while actively assisting with the illegal movement of people across the border. He cited findings from a Florida grand jury investigation in support of his condemnation of NGO actions.

Florida’s support reflects a broader coalition of Republican governors who stand with Texas and Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in the Lone Star State’s legal declaration of an invasion at the southern border. The Constitution triggers additional federal responsibilities to states during an active invasion. The current situation is made even more confounding by the fact that the invasion is being facilitated and encouraged by the same federal government that is duty-bound to protect member states and citizens in such a situation.

This is not the first time Florida has intervened in border issues. The state has been actively sending law enforcement and military assistance to Texas since 2021, highlighting a consistent commitment to border security. This commitment is further underscored by legislative efforts in Florida to provide DeSantis with greater flexibility in deploying the Florida State Guard beyond state lines.

DeSantis’s recent moves have sparked a conversation about the role of states in national security, particularly regarding immigration and border control. His actions and statements reflect a broader conservative critique of the current administration’s immigration policies, which are viewed by many as inadequate and detrimental to national security.

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