New Jersey Sending Illegal To Manhattan, Despite Adams’ Pleas

With the recent influx of illegal immigrants arriving in the state, New Jersey has begun using police officers to escort them to transportation terminals heading to Manhattan as soon as they step off of the buses, despite pleas from New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D).

To avoid dealing with the strict executive order put in place by Adams, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been sending illegal immigrants to New Jersey, getting state officials involved.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) had other plans. Instead of taking the busloads of illegals in to help Adams better control the situation, he has instructed officers to redirect them immediately to transits heading to Manhattan. He also asked the state’s mayors to do the same, uniting to keep the state free of overpopulation.

Since using this tactic, the state reported fewer illegals deciding to stay.

According to the New York Post, 23 buses have dropped off 1,017 illegal immigrants in New Jersey since Saturday, with 953 of them boarding trains into Manhattan and elsewhere.

While state officials in the Garden State are thrilled to see the illegals move on, Adams has been frantically trying to work with neighboring areas so the city isn’t overwhelmed. Queens Borough President and Adams ally Donovan Richards said on Thursday that he thinks New Jersey should work with the city to find a solution.

“New Jersey absolutely should do something,” he said.
“New Jersey is going to have to be part of the solution,” he continued. “Are you going to put people on trains to New York forever? What if the migrants refuse to get on the train? Is New Jersey going to arrest them?”

Murphy, however, disagreed. On Wednesday at a press conference, the governor told reporters that the Garden State would continue to push illegal immigrants toward Manhattan.

“NYC is where there is federal support and resources available,” he said. “This is a manageable situation, and I expect it will continue to be so.”

To deter buses from dropping off illegal immigrants, Adams announced on Thursday that he and the city have filed a lawsuit against at least 17 charter bus companies for $708 million as compensation for taking care of them.

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