New Survey Demolishes The Left’s Narrative About Voter ID

If you want American’s opinion, ask. Maybe that’s how massive spending bills should be decided. At least it would give Americans the opportunity to speak their mind and enact some changes when they aren’t happy with the way politics swing mid-way through the voting periods. Maybe add some term limits while you’re at it.

Recently Rasmussen Reports ran a poll of likely voters and concluded that President Joe Biden’s approval rating is 48%, considerably lower than when he was elected. The Rasmussen Report also polls other issues along the political spectrum.

They recently reported that 74% of Americans are in favor of Voter ID. Somebody tell the Democrats. The issue is that although a Democrat won, what would happen if the Republicans were accused of voter fraud and there were some fine examples that it occurred? Wouldn’t the Democrats want to investigate and determine for themselves? You know they would.

The Rasmussen Report says, “A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 90% of Likely U.S. Voters think it is important to prevent cheating in elections, including 79% who say it’s Very Important. Only seven percent (7%) of voters believe it’s not important to prevent election cheating.”
You can find the poll here.

Democrats have widely suggested that their party believes voter ID is racist, sexist, and every other thing they can think of. It’s becoming clear that they only think it would affect their votes rather than their voter base. So, want to talk about that fraud now?

Democrats, and sometimes Republicans, are sketchy when it comes to passing legislation and “protecting” rights. They make large generalizations that turn out to be false. Their view tends to be more radical than their voters, even though the minority are the loudest.

The Democrats who left Texas must feel dumb right now. Their voter base doesn’t support their decision to protest the Texas voter bill, and they still haven’t returned to Texas. Anyone who was questioning their possible arrests should rethink that position.

It’s all for a show, and the show must go on, at least until they’re voted off. The shenanigans will continue because they now have $107 billion to help illegal immigrants acquire citizenship and gain new voters. What does it matter if they have Covid-19? Democrats will pander as long as they can vote. It’s no longer about your policy preferences; it’s now about identity politics. You “ought” to vote for this party since you fulfill our voting profile. When you break it down, it’s racist. According to Democrats, black Americans only matter every four years because they want their vote. They don’t want to make this country a better place.