Stop Me If This Sounds Familiar, Victoria Nuland Admits The US Funded Biolabs In Ukraine

Victoria Nuland is the anti-President Joe Biden’s undersecretary for political issues. She recently conceded to Republican Senator Marco Rubio (FL) that Ukraine has Biolabs in the country as it is bombarded by Russian artillery. Russia wants to capture some of these American-funded level 3 biological research and weapons labs in Ukraine.

It does not appear to be Russian disinformation. The liberal press reports delayed addressing this topic until Victoria Nuland conceded that Ukraine has these and that bioweapons more deadly than SARS-CoV-2 might fall into Russian hands. Russia’s military activity may be a distraction to target US Biolabs in Ukraine.

Russian strikes on Ukrainian bases could incorporate attacks on US Biolabs. The Russian and Chinese governments have blamed the US for creating bioweapons. A few US Biolabs in Ukraine is under the protection of the US State Department’s Biological Threat Reduction Program to counter the danger of outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Ukraine has Biolabs and armament programs expected to secure toxins, poisons and other harmful substances used as weapons of mass destruction. Getting microorganisms and poisons into labs implies that they are being developed for use at some point. Democrats used to think that this was a Qanon conspiracy theory.

PolitiFact claimed that there are no US-managed Biolabs in Ukraine. Does that sound like a wiggle room? PolitiFact attempted to debunk misinformation in web-based media posts by spreading lies. PolitiFact said it is not truly an American-funded lab. Instead, it must be an organization within Ukraine that will further develop the general wellbeing of people and research the dangers of pandemics. Really?

USA Today claimed it was misinformation that US Biolabs were in Ukraine. They attached this claim to a Russian disinformation crusade, liberal propaganda.
Media Matters parroted this line that Biolabs in Ukraine were Russian disinformation from Qanon.

When Nuland showed up before Marco Rubio, she was asked point-blank, does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons? Nuland admitted that Ukraine has biological research facilities that Russian soldiers might seize. She wants to increase support for Ukrainians to prevent weapons we funded from falling under the control of Russia and Vladimir Putin. You cannot make this up!

Rubio replied to Nuland and attempted to focus on Russian disinformation. Nuland picked up on this and said it is a typical Russian strategy to blame their enemies for what they plan to do. That sounds like a Democrat strategy too.

Glenn Greenwald wrote that a Ukrainian bio lab and research program does not give Russia a cause to invade. So, as legitimate and peaceful, he supports bioweapons research, such as the NIH eco-health funded Wuhan Institute of virology. But this could look like a threat in Putin’s twisted mind or at least an excuse. These are not simply harmless and standard research facilities. Americans may have been entirely responsible for the Ukrainian-based labs. It at least confirms that we are outsourcing bioweapons research. The US government uses Ukraine as a piggy bank for Democrat corruption and a clandestine weapons depot. It would clarify why Putin is neurotic about Ukraine joining NATO and infringing on Russian security.

But we should still shoot down Russian jets ASAP.